Dual Edge Photography | 8 Kick-Butt Reasons To Try Boudoir

8 Kick-Butt Reasons To Try Boudoir

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Kick-Butt Reasons To Try Boudoir

Ever wanted to try boudoir but you're a little nervous? We've got your back! Check out all the reasons below why trying boudoir rocks and why you should consider booking a boudoir session! We have a mini marathon coming up and we are pairing with the UH-MAY-ZING Secret Beauty Spa for a full blown day of "Sexy As Hell"! Boudoir minis are a PERFECT place to start to try out boudoir because you get to experience what it's like to be a part of a boudoir session, without the commitment (and price) of a full-blown, 2 hour session.

Interested in our minis taking place June 10th, 2017?


1. You WILL Have A Blast.

I know you are a little nervous, and you don't expect to have a blast. You expect to come then leave hoping that when the photos come back, you don't hate yourself. You could NOT be more wrong. We have had ALL of our boudoir clients (YES...100% of them) wrap up their session and exclaim that it was the most fun they've ever had in a session. Some have even said that they've felt more comfortable in lingerie with us than they have in fully clothed sessions elsewhere. We make it an absolute PRIORITY to make sure you feel comfortable and have a great time. Why? Your photos will be better, you will leave feeling happier, and we know how vulnerable being in front of the camera is in the first place (never mind half-naked). You will feel incredible and you will love every minute.


2. GLAM With Benefits

Secret Beauty Spa rocks and Britt and Erin will make you feel GORGEOUS for your session! They are experts at matching looks to your facial structure, skin tone, hair color and style, and overall personality. The added bonus? You can plan a date night or a night out with friends after the shoot and you will already be PROFESSIONALLY made up! You're basically Kendall Jenner. LIVE IT UP and love your glam for the day! Carpe Diem.


3. You Will Leave Feeling Empowered and Confident

This goes a little bit with reason #1, but it is a little different. You will leave the session feeling like a badass. You will gain confidence and you WILL feel empowered. There is no better feeling and there is no better session to give you a faster confidence boost than a boudoir session. Many are afraid to try boudoir because they think it will make them feel negative about themselves. So, when they leave their session, they are pleasantly proven wrong because they feel AWESOME. Also, there's something exciting about being a little bit more scandalous than the "norm" to get you to feel like wonder woman. Hell yes.


4. "Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends"

You HAVE to do things you're a little afraid of in order to live the life you've always wanted. Boudoir is a bucket list item for SO many women (and men!), but so many keep putting this item off. Start now. Cross this item OFF your bucket list, and accomplish the thrill of trying something new and out of the box. You will be so incredibly happy you did!


5. Rockstar Perks

There's nothing better than being treated like royalty. Boudoir sessions with us will help you feel this way. Enjoy complimentary Hor D'Oeuvres and mimosas, rockin' music, and a whole lot of glitz and glamour. Hell, that's enough for me. Let's get fancy. You deserve it.


6. The Perfect Gift

One of the biggest reasons why many girls choose a boudoir session with us is as a gift to their significant other or spouse-to-be. It is a GREAT option to book a session and turn the photos into a beautifully designed, top-of-the-line album for your SO's birthday, wedding day gift, or just because. Although our upcoming minis include a smaller number of images than a full session would, we do have pocket-albums and smaller options available so you can still provide a beautiful gift!


7. For Your Damn Self

You can do this for YOU. Why the hell NOT? You can do it for the Instagram fame. If you don't want the photos public, you can keep them in your phone or hung up in your bedroom so you can look at them and say "DAMN I am TOO cool". Treat yo self. It's ok and it's encouraged. I actually have a session planned with Adam for about a month from now for myself...why? Because I want to. Feel the power of loving yourself and your body.


8. NO Rules

You don't need to be a model to book a boudoir session. You do not need the perfect body and you do not have to look like you work for Victoria's Secret. I think that's the biggest thing holding people back. GUESS WHAT? You can do this, each and every one of you, and there is no rule on body type, look, or appearance. This is not Vogue. This is Dual Edge Photography and YOU are the stars. On the flip side, if you are pursuing a modeling career, or are thinking about trying it out for some extra cash for a while, boudoir is incredible for your portfolio. Agencies love seeing diversity and how you handle ALL modeling situations. Boudoir screams confidence and it shows them that you handle these types of shoots with ease. We've had multiple clients book contracts with modeling agencies, which is oh so cool. There's also the fact that you can wear as much or as little cover as possible. There is no rulebook for how your session is designed. That's what's so great about it!

Ready to book? Start off with our Sexy As Hell mini marathon June 10th, 2017!


Let's get sexy as hell.


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