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Bully Bows - Bow Ties for Bullying Awareness

July 01, 2016  •  3 Comments

 Bully Bows - an extraordinary business created by Sam Valk (a high school student)!

The following is the description of the organization in Sam's words:

"I developed the idea of Bully Bows to bring awareness to bring awareness to the bullying issue in our schools nationwide. I have been on the receiving end of the bullying issue for many years and I have had enough. It occurred to me that if there was a way to make bullies understand that it is ok for people to look different and have different interests, I would like to find it...or at least bring awareness to it. If there's one thing that I have learned from being bullied, it is that they are not going to deprive me of my way of life. I am not going to conform to who they think I should be. I am not going to dress in a t-shirt and blue jeans because they think that is "normal". No, I am going to wear what I like to wear - button down shirts with a nice bow tie! I got to high school every day and although I am criticized and mocked, at least I know that I am being true to myself. In that spirit, I am going to donate a portion of my Bully Bows sales to an anti-bullying program. Let's stop kids from being afraid to be themselves and, more importantly, let's shine the light on those being mean-spirited and turn them around, teaching them to be kind to one another. After participating in an anti-bullying program, "Chain Reaction", I realized that there are ways to get to know people and try to understand them, rather than mistreat them. Chain Reaction is a program that is part of "Rachel's Challenge"...named for Rachel Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting. She was known for her simple acts of kindness that made a positive impact on her fellow students. I am going to make my world a more peaceful and accepting place...one Bully Bow at a time."


You can purchase a Bully Bow from Sam in many ways.

You can buy them in person at: Imagine Gifts, RI (in Warren, RI)

You can send Sam an email at samvalk716@gmail.com

Or you can visit his Bully Bows Facebook page, which is going to be created soon (and I will post and share it as well once it is up and running.)


Please also feel free to catch him in the East Bay RI newspaper with a big article on him and his organization here: 



Check out his amazing designs below (With Jean-Michael Pion aka Mikey as the line's stunning model)!!


Rebecca Adams(non-registered)
I went to Barrington High School in the 80's. I was also bullied. I became a teacher 15 years ago and teach One Love to my students in Seattle Wa. When I read this article it really moved me and reminded me of my own experiences. What a courageous young man. Keep spreading the love to help stop bullying! Shame on the teachers who know this stuff is going on and do nothing...
It does my heart good to see that someone who has been hurt has found a way to put energy into making the world better. Thanks for being awesome, Mr. Valk.
I'll keep an eye out for the facebook page so I can grab one of those cool rainbow ties.
Thank you for writing about this Chelsea! The pictures are great and the blog is so well written - you're awesome!! Mikey looks so handsome in Sam's bow ties! Outstanding job all around!
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