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Where your voice lives.

November 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I haven't written in a while. "Busy" season REALLY consumed me this summer and fall! I guess this is a good problem to have, right??Sometimes, as an artist you will go through some strange periods in your life. Your art is ALWAYS changing, growing, improving, and moving in new directions. If it didn't, it wouldn't be art. Because of the nature of that, every single day of your life becomes an incredibly new experience.

A good experience.

A bad experience.

An unfamiliar experience.

You will discover something life changing. You will discover things that work. You will discover things that definitely don't. You will learn every single day.


Something I learned this summer was where my voice lives. My vision. My perception. What it means to me to photograph something. What I want my images to say. This is something that I thought I knew. But, as I said, every single day as an artist is a new experience. Every single day as an artist you will learn what makes your work a part of you. I thought I knew. I thought I knew what my photography was. What I represent. What my voice was saying.

But I found out that I didn't know any of that until I took this picture:

Let's rewind. This past February I attended a wonderful conference called "Inspire Photo Retreats". There, everything changed. There I learned who I was as a photographer. There I learned just how much your work can be a part of your soul if you learn how to mesh the two together, open your heart, and allow vulnerability to take over. There I learned how to be daring, how to love your journey, the great moments and the not so great ones. There I learned where my voice lives.

I attended a class at this retreat where the instructor talked about finding you "iconic image". The image (that you took) that almost stops time and space for you when you take it…the image that you want to blow up to the size of the Empire State Building and scream "THIS IS ME. THIS IS WHAT I STAND FOR. THIS IS WHAT I REPRESENT." It took me four months after the retreat to take my "iconic image". And by god this one is it.

Fast forward to what I was saying when I took and discovered this photo. My world changed the day I took this. With one shot I discovered exactly how to transfer all I had learned at the conference and put it towards my images. Why? Because I had found what makes my heart sing regarding photography. I found out how to be daring, step outside the box, show the world the creative life living inside me.

I found a way to tell a story. My story. My journey. This is what photography does for me and is for me.


There are two steps to being an artist:

The first is to find where your voice lives. The second is to free it.


My voice as a photographer is a story teller. Each image is a memory. A moment. I'm the photographer that is going to capture the emotional embrace between you and a loved one...even if hugs make your face a little squishy. I'm the photographer that is going to capture your laugh at someone's joke, your intimate conversation with someone, and a times, like the photos above, the kid in you that you always will be.

Life is way too short. It is much too short to refrain from taking risks, being daring, and creating a world of your own. Mine involves true love at a wedding, the joy in a family, the innocence of a child, the tears you cry, the laugh you let go, the fantasy of becoming the superhero you always dreamed you would become, the fairy tale character inside you. That's what life is to me: an adventure. That's what I want my images to say.


That's my voice.

Where does yours live?


*Keep Going. Keep Learning. Keep Shooting.*



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